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DH2 Series LED Head Light Bulb

DH2 Series LED Head Light Bulb
DH2 Series LED Head Light Bulb

Item No. SM-DH2 Series
. Series: H1  H4  H7  H11  H13  9005
. Power: 24W per bulb
. Voltage: 12-36V
. Lumens: 6000 lm per kit
. Working life: 10000 hours
. LED color temperature: 6000K
. Working temperature: -40~ 65℃
. Dust and waterproof: IP67

Services and transport:
- Warranty: product warranty for one year
- OEM Service Offered, Design Service Offered
- Shipping: by sea or air
- Delivery time: 15-25 days
- Order Now: [email protected]
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Product Description

Product Description:
.Higer Reliability
.Auto-class CREE XD16 LED chip, brightness increased by 300%, Low power consuming, long life-span and powerful anti-static performance
.Precisely aligned focal center is the key to produce highly assimilated beam pattern as the stock bulb. A street legal driving beam with longer range and no glare.
.All in one aluminum body with fan-less design regulates the output of the bulb and adapts to the ambient environment, maintaining optimal performance.

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